Rough set and machine learning open source in Java


Rseslib is a library of rough set and machine learning data structures and algorithms implemented in Java. The library was started by Group of Logic at Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw.

This web site introduces to the newest version of the library: Rseslib 3. The first version of the library was implemented in C++. Rseslib 2 was the first version implemented in Java and it stands for the core of RSES 2.x. Rseslib 3 was entirely redesigned and all the methods available in this version were implemented from scratch, 30+ people have already contributed to its source code and it is still developing.

Rseslib 3 is assumed to provide:

Rseslib is available in Weka as official Weka package.


Rseslib is distributed under GNU GPL license. To download Rseslib and its source code use the links below:

If you use Rseslib in your work please cite this reference.


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Rseslib is used in:

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The source code is maintained by GitHub in the repository Maven is used to build the project. Users can clone the repository and make pull requests to contribute to Rseslib.

For Rseslib development Eclipse with EGit and M2Eclipse plugins are recommended.