Qmak is a graphical tool allowing users to interact with machine learning models and visualizing classification process. It helps to:

  • understand why a particular decision was selected for a classified object
  • find out how much a classifier is sure of the assigned decision
  • find out which element of a classifier needs to be improved and modify it interactively
It uses Rseslib library as the source of classification models.


  • Visualization of data, classifiers and single object classification
  • Interactive classifier modification by a user
  • Classification of test data with presentation of misclassified objects
  • Experiments comparing classification accuracy of classifiers with various test types
  • Easy addition of classifiers implemented by users

Qmak is a part of Rseslib.
To start Qmak unpack the rseslib-3.x.x.zip package and run the script qmak.sh (on Linux) or qmak.bat (on Windows).
Help on Qmak can be found in the main menu of the application.
QMAK whitepaper provides 4-pages description of QMAK.
All classifiers available in Qmak are described in Chapter 11 Classifier types of Rseslib User Guide.